Cyber Security Audit

Cyber Security Audit

When testing complex cloud environments, it is important to partner with security experts that you can trust. Our Cloud security audit services are designed to help customers implement and compare the cloud adoption practices and train the team members in using the security tools and products appropriately.

CyberNX cyber security audit will aid in mitigating the effects of a breach and demonstrating that your company has taken the required precautions to safeguard client and company information. Organizations that haven't documented their internal and external risks, vulnerabilities, or threat exposure can benefit from cyber security audits. We combine automated and manual testing methods along with deep inspection of the governance framework to manage the cloud infrastructure and applications.


  • Highlight and address weak spots
  • Delivers analysis of internal and external security practices
  • Identify gaps in your defense
  • Determines whether you should enhance your security posture or not
  • Testing controls
  • Staying ahead of cybercriminals
  • Reputational value
  • Assurance to employees, clients, and vendors
  • Increased technology and security performance

FAQ's for Cyber Security Audit

A cybersecurity audit entails a thorough evaluation of your company's IT infrastructure.
Make a diagram of the components of your network. Find out from the auditor who they need to speak with. Take a look at your information security policy. Put All of Your Cybersecurity Policies in One, Simple-to-Read Place. Before the audit, review all applicable compliance standards.
A security audit checks if the information system of your company complies with a set of internal or external standards governing data security. Your company's IT rules, processes, and security measures are examples of internal criteria.
Engagement, Analysis, Report, and Implementation are the 4 steps that make up the process. This procedure can take anywhere between two weeks and several months, depending on the size and complexity of the IT infrastructure.
The ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards, which are centred on protecting information assets, are some of the most pertinent to system administrators. The information security management system requirements in the ISO/IEC 27001 are well recognised.
Critical data will be protected, security flaws will be found, new security rules will be developed, and the efficacy of security measures will be monitored with the aid of security audits. Regular audits can guarantee that staff members follow security procedures and can identify any new vulnerabilities.
Utilizing templates that adhere to industry standards and that you can alter or edit as necessary, IT audit tools may capture and report access data. Industry requirements dictate that your audit trail should be prominently documented in IT security audit reports.
Cybersecurity audits are performed to evaluate compliance, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and find other issues across digital infrastructures. An audit assists a company in staying one step ahead of online thieves as well as avoiding penalties.

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