Cyber Security for Agro-Tech Industry

Background :

Agro-tech is the use of technology to produce more with less, to improve the efficiency of the farming process from field monitoring through the food supply chain.

Agro-tech is becoming increasingly reliant on computers and Internet connection, agro-tech is becoming a growing concern. The agrotechnology community, the public sector, and scholars have all been made aware of the problem in recent years, and a large amount of research has been conducted on the subject. The majority of extant research, on the other hand, focuses on external threats or specific aspects of the farm technology ecosystem. This looks at the cybersecurity capabilities of individual farms, with an emphasis on the farm local area network.

Key Challanges:

There are several reasons why retail is especially at risk of attack:

  • Password Hacking
  • Access Point for the Evil Twin
  • Attacks against key reinstallation
  • Phishing Attack

CyberNX's experience in Agro-Tech

CyberNX's consulting team have worked with many Agro companies to assess security of their infrastructure, applications and data.

Relevant CyberNX Services:

We provide complete solution and services to our customers and help them overcome any kind of threat they meet in any point of time.


Modernizing agricultural processes is critical for increasing output rates while preserving natural resources. Smart systems must integrate greater computational capabilities, such as edge computing, large data handling, artificial intelligence resources, and security measures, to attain this goal. Because restricted devices generate a significant volume of data and send it to the gateway or the cloud, security is especially important.

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