Cyber Security Training

  • Learn about IT security concerns, security cyberattacks, and the necessity of responding to cybersecurity threats.
  • The company's security staff must be well-versed in high-level procedures that are an essential component of effective incident management and response strategies.
  • Acquire skills of how to keep an eye on systems and respond to risks as they arise.

Training Serivices

Classroom Awareness Training

Classroom Awareness Training

Educating your staff about the threats to your confidential data is the cheapest and most cost-effective investment towards cyber-security. Classroom awareness training is necessary to reach the goal of creating a security-conscious culture and protecting your company from security threats.

  • Develop a security-focused culture
  • Collect risk data by driving awareness
  • Expand awareness to reduce threats
  • Prevent downtime
eLearning for Employees

eLearning for Employees

CyberNX eLearning for employees is an effective means of increasing employee and team effectiveness when paired with the right people and technology. eLearning Offers the ability to the business case, delivery, and operationalize a strategic vision enabled by technology. Round-the-clock support maintains efficient and effective performance.

  • Saves your company money
  • Ensures training consistency and standardization
  • Improves performance and productivity
  • Constant access to resources provides 24/7 support
Phishing Exercise

Phishing Exercise

Conduct authorized phishing attacks to test and re-test your employee's susceptibility to socially engineered hacking tactics.

  • Measures the degrees of corporate and employee vulnerability
  • Increases user alertness to phishing risk
  • Protects valuable corporate and personal data

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