Who We Are

We are a young Cyber Security company founded by a group of highly experienced professionals. Our vision is to provide cutting edge Cyber Security solutions and services to customers at an economical cost.

Key Value Proposition:

Experienced practitioners :

We are a group of highly experienced professionals having years of experience in Cloud and Cyber Security.

Services based on standards, as per client’s requirement :

We have many years of experience in implementing and sustaining Information Security standards and compliance requirements.

Outcome focused, measurable results :

Our tools and frameworks ensures granular task identification & continuous improvement, tied to a measurable outcome.

Why CyberNX

We bring a holistic approach to Cyber Security. Our approach is to embed Cyber Security in to an Organisation's DNA.
It must be Granular, measured, assured...

  • Deep Technical Expertise

    Our team members are experienced and well trained. We evaluate them periodically to ensure quality.

  • Quality Driven

    We have passion for quality even if at comes at a cost to us. We strive for meeting clients requirements.

  • Experienced Leadership

    Our leadership team have experience in multiple domains of Cyber Security.

  • Outcome Focussed, Measurable Results

    Tools and frameworks devised to continuously improve and measure outcome.

  • Global Standards

    As per Client's requirement and industry, standards are adopted and implemented.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Architecture

While adopting cloud, it is important to define correct security posture. CyberNX helps organizations to define & implement security architecture as per best practices.

Cloud Security Consulting Services

CyberNX helps organisations to adopt cloud securely, achieve compliance, monitor security, & deploy internal or public applications on public cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or GCP.

CyberNX Cloud Security Model (CCSM)

CyberNX's CCSM is a comprehensive cloud security model built based on our professional's continuous experience in building and managing cloud security operations. CCSM helps our clients to fast track journey to cloud and meet its implement security and compliance requirements at a rapid pace.

Cloud Security Audits

Auditing Cyber Security posture on Cloud can be quite challenging considering the vast amount of IT resources and infrastructure implemented. We help our clients to conduct detailed cloud security audit based on manual and automated approaches.

FinTech Security

New age FinTech companies are today building amazing solutions & services. CyberNX understands FinTech platform security requirements & helps them to secure their cloud infrastructure, applications & maintain compliance.


Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Framework Implementation

We help our clients to implement a comprehensive cyber security framework based on leading framework to meet security and compliance requirements at a rapid pace.

vCISO Services

Hiring an experienced full time CISO can be very expensive. We bring-in multiple skilled individuals under an experienced professional to cater all aspects on information security.

Security Audits

CyberNX's audit services brings in a risk based audit approach to prioritise security of an organisation's crown jewels and move towards other assets of the organisation. The audit service is a combination of technology, process & people so that the client gets complete view of the cyber.

Regulatory Compliance

CyberNX regulatory compliance management framework, provides robust model IT approach for Cyber Security and Cloud Security, we identify all the compliance requirements & implement a consistent compliance management approach throughout the organisation & ensure that compliance requirements are identified & fulfilled.

Security Standards Implementation

CyberNX helps organisations to implement information security standards & helps them to get certified. The program is aimed at practical implementation of standards & practices, rather than focusing on policies & processes.


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