Ransomware Readiness Assessment Service (RRAS)

Ransomware Readiness Assessment Service (RRAS)

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a major threat to organizations worldwide. It is a malware designed to create disruption by taking control over infrastructure, files or applications of an organization. Today, Ransomware is one the most challenging cyberthreats faced by organizations across the world. Cyber extortion today is classified as a “Critical Threat” prompting organizations to rethink their Cyber Protection strategy.

Ransomware impacts organizations in following ways:

  • Encrypts critical files of an organization and asks for payment to decrypt or release the files.
  • Designed to create impact to an organization’s operations to get maximum attention.
  • Ransomware variants are also targeting public sector companies, hospitals, public services.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment Services (RRAS)

The service helps organizations to evaluate prevention, mitigation and response capabilities to deal with a Ransomware attack. It helps organizations to understand current posture, readiness and create an action plan to improve security framework and resilience to deal with Ransomware attacks.

Key Objectives from the Ransomware Readiness Assessment Service

  • Identify Critical Assets which can be targeted.
  • Review security weaknesses ransomware operators can exploit.
  • Recommend controls and improvements to prevent and reduce ransomware attacks.
  • Improve security monitoring and operational readiness to handle attacks.
  • Build a short-term, mid-term and long-term approach to improve controls.

Benefits of RRAS to Organizations

  • Prepare for protection against Cyberattacks, Ransomware & Data Breaches
  • Identify and Mitigate Vulnerabilities, Key Security Gaps
  • Understand and Compliance & Regulatory requirements and comply with them
  • Evaluate security status of applications on premises or built on Public Cloud
  • Build a comprehensive security framework to implement Cyber Security Controls

A Ransomware Readiness Assessment helps organizations evaluate current state and build a roadmap to strengthen their processes and technology to mitigate the threat of ransomware. CyberNX provides a comprehensive Ransomware Readiness Assessment to help organizations to prepare against Ransomware challenge.

FAQ's for Ransomware Readiness Assessment Service

A survey called a "ransomware readiness assessment" is made to evaluate a company's defence mechanisms and capacity to lessen the effects of a ransomware attack.
A ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) affiliate scheme called Conti made its debut in early 2020. The creators of the Conti ransomware are connected to Russian-speaking cybercriminal actors, and they sell or lease their ransomware technology to associates, who utilise it to conduct their assaults.
Any size of organisation can be impacted by these assaults, and even people might be the target.

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