Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud security assessment plays an important role in putting Security First when it involves the cloud. Hundreds of data leaks hit the news per annum because of wrongly configured clouds. This can result in leaving your organization in an uncomfortable position with long-term damage and significant financial loss.

CyberNX Cloud Security Assessment services are designed to ensure your readiness for migrations to cloud deployment infrastructures, and the security governance of potential cloud providers. Cloud technologies present vulnerabilities that can pose significant risks to your assets and data. Our assessments examine your virtualized server environments to identify any vulnerabilities in architecture or configurations and offer solutions to close these gaps.


  • Thorough analysis of individual cloud-based systems and assessment of your entire environment to determine the full scope of potential attacks.
  • Comprehensive analysis of internal and external components of your cloud infrastructure
  • Identification of potential issues and detailed guidance on the best methods to mitigate and resolve them.
  • Specific, detailed recommendations to improve your overall cloud security posture to help prevent, detect, and rapidly recover from breaches.

FAQ's for Cloud Security Assessment

A cloud security assessment is a review that examines and tests a company's cloud infrastructure to make sure it is safe from various security risks and attacks.
complete awareness of your company's cloud presence. Determine whether capability gaps are undermining the cloud security posture of your firm. Compare the existing cloud security strategy of your company to the most authoritative standards and frameworks in the field.
Key security controls in applications are found, evaluated, and put into place through a security risk assessment. Additionally, it emphasises avoiding application security flaws and vulnerabilities. An enterprise may see the application portfolio holistically?from the viewpoint of an attacker?by conducting a risk assessment.
An examination known as a security risk assessment (SRA) entails determining the risks in your business, your technology, and your processes in order to confirm that security controls are in place to protect against security threats.
An company evaluates its resources and IT infrastructure as part of a cloud readiness assessment to see if it is ready to move to the cloud.
assemble a core evaluation team. Examine current security regulations. Make a database of IT resources. Recognize weaknesses and dangers. Calculate the effect. Identify the likelihood. Make a control plan.
provides a methodical and organised methodology for recording the assessor's findings and recommendations.

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