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Comprehensive Darkweb, Deepweb, SurfaceWeb, Cybercrime Monitoring

With ever increasing digital footprint and digital assets, the overall digital attack surface of an organization is expanding exponentially. CyberNX provides a real-time view into your darkweb footprint through continuous monitoring of the Surface Web, Deepweb and Darkweb. Our Digital Risk Monitoring Service empowers you to take timely action against Threat Actors and Cyber Criminals from mis-using your Digital Assets or brand name.

Digital Protection Services

Darkweb Monitoring

Darkweb Monitoring

Visibility of exposure on the Darkweb. Actionable intelligence on compromised credentials, personal information & data breaches.

  • Discussions Monitoring
  • Source code / Repositories leaks
  • Server credential leaks
  • Data leaks / Card Leaks
Brand Reputation Monitoring

Brand Reputation Monitoring

Empowering you to protect your brand. Manage reputational risks through 360° visibility of your Brand on digital platforms.

  • Fake Domain Monitoring
  • Fake App monitoring
  • Rogue Application Monitoring
  • Brand abuse monitoring
Attack Surface Monitoring

Attack Surface Monitoring

Identify Vulnerabilities in external infrastructure. Identify Vulnerabilities & help to mitigate weaknesses based on their priority and risk score.

  • Web Application Scanner
  • Port Scanning
  • SSL scanning
  • External Asset Tracking
Fraud Intelligence

Fraud Intelligence

Continuous monitoring for fraud detection. Monitor underground markets and identity theft, cybercrime activities.

  • Identity Theft Monitoring
  • VIP Profile Monitoring
  • Underground Market Monitoring
  • Cybercrime Monitoring

Why CyberNX Digital Protection Services?

  • World Class Platform

    We use a leading Digital Risk Monitoring Platform which uses industry-leading Machine Learning and Human Analytics capabilities.

  • Trained and Experienced CyberNX Team

    Digital Risk Monitoring is provided by trained and experience CyberNX team as part of our Security Operations Center (SOC) services.

  • Established Tools & Processes

    CyberNX uses established processes and our own Incident Response Platform for managing the Alerts and Incidents.

  • 24 X 7 Operations and Support

    The overall monitoring and support processes are provided 24 X 7 to enable continuous monitoring and support to customers.

  • Integrate with SOC Processes

    Overall Platform, Monitoring Process and Tools integrates with our SOC services to provide an integrated SOC and Digital Risk view to customer.

  • Tailored to Customer’s Requirements

    The solution and processes are customized as per customer’s industry, risk monitoring requirements and internal processes.

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