How CyberNX Expert Cloud Security Assessment gave advantage to a Mutual Fund. 

How CyberNX Expert Cloud Security Assessment gave advantage to a Mutual Fund. 
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Results at a Glance

  • Strengthened information security posture
  • Enhanced operational clarity and visibility
  • Cost optimization through native security tools
  • Achieved regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined security controls with automation
  • Financial services firm with nearly two decades of experience
  • Core values of honesty and integrity
  • Trusted by thousands of mutual funds distributors and financial advisers in India

The customer aimed to adopt public cloud technology to improve their firm's infrastructure and applications. However, ensuring robust security measures aligned with internal and regulatory standards was crucial for a successful transition to the cloud environment. They needed a trusted partner to audit their Amazon cloud and implement effective security controls in line with an ISO 27001 standard ISMS framework.

Cloud Security Implementation: Deploying and monitoring security measures in the public cloud while adhering to internal and regulatory requirements was a complex task.

The Mutual Fund chose CyberNX as its Information Security partner to address these challenges. CyberNX possessed extensive experience in implementing and managing public cloud infrastructures and ISMS frameworks in the banking and non-banking sectors. The solution included:

  • Establishment of Security Controls: CyberNX implemented necessary security controls on the public cloud environment, applications, and infrastructure using a combination of native security technologies, appropriate processes, and policies.

  • Enhanced Information Security Attitude
  • Improved Operational Clarity
  • Cost Optimization through Native Security Tools
  • Ensured Regulatory Compliance
  • Streamlined Security Operations through Automation


With CyberNX's expert cloud security assessment and implementation, The Mutual Fund achieved its objective of securely configuring and managing its cloud environment. The partnership provided the organization with scalability, agility, and the ability to handle increased customer data across various channels.

Customer Speaks:

"We needed a scalable, agile solution that could handle increased customer data in assisted and direct channels. For mission-critical workloads, CyberNX Cloud on AWS allowed us to enhance the on-premise private cloud set-up, with the flexibility to scale up on demand across private clouds in AWS and on-premise, thus leveraging the capabilities of scale with consistency and availability."

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