Best Ways To Protect Your Organization from Dark Web

Best Ways To Protect Your Organization from Dark Web
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Table Of Content

  • Introduction
  • 8 Best Ways To Protect Your Organization from Dark Web
    1. Regularly Update Browser Security:
    2. Consider Your Options Before Clicking A Link
    3. Regular Backup
    4. Cloud Security Assessment
    5. Protect Passwords With MFA
    6. Disable USB/HDD Plug
    7. Avoid Sharing Credit Card Details
    8. Protect from Phishing Attacks
  • Conclusion


In today's digital age, cybercrime is rampant. If you know where to look, you can purchase almost any cybercrime service on the dark web. That needs business owners to take cybersecurity seriously.  In addition to using a VPN and anti-malware software, it’s also smart to invest in a service like Dark Web Monitoring. Here are some ways you can protect your organization from Dark Web.

8 Best Ways To Protect Your Organization from Dark Web

  • Regularly update browser security: Updates give you one more way to prevent attacks by fixing known security issues. Sometimes complex code, code which can sprout exploits, ones that hackers will use.  Updating your browser gives you one more way to prevent attacks by fixing known security issues.

  • Consider your options before clicking a link: Make sure your staff is alert for dubious links that could contain ransomware. Regardless of how "official" an attachment may appear to be, users should only open attachments from known and reliable sources.

  • Regular Backup: To prevent data loss and quickly resolve problems, organizations should regularly back up their data on a weekly basis.

  • Cloud Security Assessment: To safeguard the security of its personnel and data, the firm should conduct a thorough Cloud Security Assessment on a regular basis.

  • Protect Passwords with MFA: Establish rules for password usage, such as utilizing a password management application and using Multi-factor authentication rather than writing them down on sticky notes. Enable multi-factor authentication to further protect your accounts from compromise.

  • Disable USB/HDD plug: An organization should disable the USB/HDD plug and attempt to implement a safer function for the workers. It is crucial because malicious software or unidentified threats may target the official computer.

  • Avoid sharing Credit card details: You should proceed cautiously with anyone who wants your credit card number over the phone. This is especially true if they called you to initiate the transaction.

  • Protect from Phishing Attacks: Phishing emails may look official, but these fraudulent messages are crafted with a nefarious purpose. Stop phishing attacks and reduce the likelihood that your employees will inadvertently transfer money or reveal credentials to attackers.


CyberNX Dark Web monitoring services can greatly lower your chance of experiencing a data breach when used in conjunction with a multi-layered strategy for IT security (including security awareness training, multi-factor authentication, vulnerability, and other solutions). Contact us now.

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