What Is SOC As A Service And How Does It Work?

What Is SOC As A Service And How Does It Work?
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Businesses may have a team of cybersecurity professionals to monitor, detect, and investigate threats across their whole organization with SoC-as-a-Service, which is positioned as a managed service option. In some situations, the outsourced security team can eliminate risks that have been detected on its own, while in others, the SOC team works with internal IT teams to eliminate threats that have been detected.

Without forcing enterprises to make significant investments in security software, hardware, or other infrastructure, a SoCaaS can offer 24X7 monitoring. Instead, businesses can easily log in to a SOC and start monitoring for cyberthreats, enhancing their security posture while saving money.

How does a SOC work?

A SOC provides your company with personnel and tools that are available round-the-clock to recognise, contain, and respond to threats to your company. Do not be deterred by the word "centre"; no more room or resources are required.

Security experts, investigators, auditors, and responders will oversee your SOC, and each will play a part in the many stages of the security journey. That includes all steps, from prevention to, if required, remediation.

This comprehensive assessment of your company:

  • Guards against threats before they can infiltrate your systems.
  • Keeps an eye out for suspicious or unusual activity on your networks.
  • Determines where your most vulnerable network locations are and adjusts protections; accordingly,
  • Provides thorough reports on any threats that have been detected or prevented.

While antivirus software and firewalls guard against known dangers, CyberNX SOC automatically assesses emerging threats to make sure they don't get past your defences.

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