Top 4 Important SIEM Characteristics To Keep In Mind

Top 4 Important SIEM Characteristics To Keep In Mind
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1. Log collection:

The basic characteristic of SIEM is log collection. Choose a SIEM that ingests log data from multiple external sources and IT devices including security devices, servers, operating systems, applications, and more. The SIEM system collects log data about your organization's IT infrastructure, which is subsequently mapped to the information in the logs.

2. Log correlation

SIEM event correlation is an essential part of any SIEM solution. It aggregates and analyzes log data from across your network applications, systems, and devices, making it possible to discover security threats and malicious patterns of behaviors that otherwise go unnoticed and can lead to compromise or data loss. 

3. Real-time alert and notifications

Alerting and notification are another significant feature of SIEM solutions. A security analyst can set triggered events depending on data points discovered during the log collection and correlation process. If the system identifies any threats, real-time notifications are sent to the security team for immediate action and investigation. It will also be able to cut down on the amount of time a danger actor spends in your environment. This will avoid your company from incurring losses or damaging its brand reputation.

4. Prioritize, Report:

It is critical to have alert priority since the most dangerous threats must be addressed first. This is the SIEM solution's third characteristic. In the SIEM solution, look at machine learning technologies. You can use machine learning to look for trends in log data and determine where security has been breached. Reporting and dashboards should also be taken into account when selecting a SIEM solution. They assist in the accurate distribution of information.

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