5 Main Benefits Of Attack Surface Monitoring

5 Main Benefits Of Attack Surface Monitoring
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In the rapidly evolving threat landscape, businesses of all sizes must take precautions to secure their networks and sensitive data. Attack surface monitoring helps organizations pinpoint all their assets and risks that they carry. Here we’ve outlined the main benefits of implementing continuous attack surface monitoring:

  1. Real-time visibility of your digital footprint

    Attack surface monitoring provides real-time visibility into all digital assets and the changes they go through. It is crucial to fully understand and know your entire IT infrastructure. Understanding your digital footprint and the dangers that could result in a cyber-attack depends on having this continuous visibility.

  2. Continuous assessment of your security posture

    Your digital assets' condition, location, and level of vulnerability will influence how resilient you are to cyberattacks. You can always be aware of your security posture thanks to attacking surface monitoring. This will then help determine where your attention should be directed and how to implement a more robust security program.

  3. Manage security risk decisions

    As potentially dangerous changes take place, attack surface monitoring will enable you to secure your environments. Being proactive involves being able to stop attacks rather than merely responding to them. Once you know and understand the risks of your digital assets, you'll be able to make better decisions for managing cybersecurity risks.

  4. Speed up remediation

    You can start working on prioritizing remediation efforts for each risk and vulnerability in your attack surface and digital assets now that you are aware of them all. You are aware of the risk as soon as it manifests in your infrastructure thanks to the "continuous" aspect of attack surface monitoring, giving you the opportunity to address impending problems and enhance your cybersecurity defense.

  5. Ensure compliance

    Data loss prevention trends are expanding, including organizational security guidelines for handling sensitive data as well as legally binding government regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. These compliance guidelines protect personally identifiable information and other sensitive data, and organizations that violate them risk paying expensive fines as well as potential reputational harm. An organization can effectively prevent any consequences they might cause by discovering any failure to follow rules and organizational security policies through attack surface monitoring.

5 Top Benefits of Attack Surface Monitoring


CyberNX makes attack surface monitoring easy by showing you a detailed digital fingerprint inventory, detecting the different security risks your organization may face, and instantly alerting you of any changes to your infrastructure. With CyberNX and our continuous attack surface monitoring, you’ll be able to prevent attacks well before they might occur.

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