Fortifying India's Leading Fund House: Unveiling the Power of CyberNX SOC with Cutting-Edge Tech

Fortifying India's Leading Fund House: Unveiling the Power of CyberNX SOC with Cutting-Edge Tech
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Results at a Glance

  • Advanced threat detection with integrated intelligence and machine learning.
  • 24x7 monitoring and actionable alerts from CyberNX's experts.
  • Efficient incident tracking through a review management portal.
  • Customized dashboards for prioritized incident response.
  • Long log retention to meet compliance needs.
  • India's financial fortress - the trailblazing fund house that has earned the unwavering trust of investors through its impeccable track record of wealth creation and consistent fund performance.
  • As a responsible corporate entity, this visionary customer believes in the ethical principles that drive financial growth while empowering investors to achieve their lofty financial aspirations.

In their quest for unyielding security, the fund house demanded an ingenious solution that would weave together all facets of their infrastructure and security tool logs into one cohesive platform. The vision: seamless, real-time security monitoring and reporting to uphold stringent regulatory guidelines. Furthermore, they sought an avenue to safeguard their valuable logs for extended periods, staying one step ahead of compliance requirements.

Guided by SEBI's regulatory embrace, this ambitious customer unveiled an array of challenges that demanded superlative solutions. Among the many were the soaring demands for machine learning and threat hunting capabilities - a call for advanced tech unification. Alas! Traditional SIEM solutions offered by other providers fell short, lacking the robust feature set necessary to tackle their multifaceted needs.

Behold the transformative Next-Generation Security Platform, Peregrine, a tour de force proposed by CyberNX. This cutting-edge solution boasted lightning-fast, highly available, and scalable architecture, complemented by a battalion of ever-vigilant security analysts who pledged 24x7 monitoring. Ingeniously integrating with the customer's infrastructure and security stack, Peregrine presented a singular, panoramic view through a seamlessly intuitive pane of glass. Moreover, the ingenious solution provided unmatched log archival, effortlessly fulfilling their compliance dreams.

  • The customer benefited from multiple threat detection capabilities based on integrated threat intelligence, machine learning anomaly detection, and real-time detection of malware and behavior patterns.

  • CyberNX's security analysts provided 24x7 monitoring with actionable alerts based on enrichments, human analysis context, and threat profiling.

  • The solution also included a review incident management portal for tracking all security incidents and access to built-in and customized dashboards for incident prioritization.

  • Finally, the long retention period for archived logs helped the customer meet compliance requirements.


CyberNX's Next-Generation Security Platform, Peregrine, fortified India's leading fund house with advanced threat detection, 24x7 monitoring, and efficient incident tracking. With expert support and cutting-edge technology, they became an indomitable bastion against cyber threats, securing their core business and investors' assets.

Customer Speaks:

"With spirits lifted and victories won, the customer exalted in the virtues of CyberNX's Next-Generation Security Platform. It dawned upon them that their once-ailing defenses against outdated adversaries had now blossomed into an indomitable bastion. Freed from the burden of designing response processes, they rekindled their passion for their core business, secure in the knowledge that CyberNX's guardianship had them enfolded within its protective wings."

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