Elevating Cybersecurity Excellence: CyberNX's Security Operations Shield

Elevating Cybersecurity Excellence: CyberNX's Security Operations Shield
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Results at a Glance

  • CyberNX bolstered the cybersecurity defenses of a certified risk management and cybersecurity operational services provider.
  • Enhanced threat detection capabilities and ensured regulatory compliance.
  • A comprehensive SOC development program was established, aligning security controls and showcasing maturity.
  • Rapid adaptations to the cyber protection posture were achieved.
  • Long-term protection against evolving cyber threats secured.

Our customer is an innovation and technology solutions provider, working at the intersection of science and industry to drive transformative advancements. With a rich history of collaboration with global leaders across various sectors, our customer is dedicated to enabling organizations to harness the power of cutting-edge technologies and scientific breakthroughs. 

Our client's mission encompassed several vital aspects:

  1. Centralized Security Vigilance: Identify security anomalies to meet security and regulatory requirements effectively.
  2. Transparency & Assurance: Showcase compliance controls and security maturity to instill confidence in their clientele.
  3. Threat Readiness: Perform threat analysis to ensure a safe operating environment.

Navigating the labyrinth of cybersecurity while adhering to stringent regulatory standards presented several critical challenges:

  1. Unified Security Monitoring: Centrally identifying and mitigating security anomalies to ensure regulatory compliance.
  2. Transparency Mandate: Demonstrating compliance controls and security maturity to their discerning client base.
  3. Threat Resilience: Establishing a threat analysis framework to maintain a secure operational environment.

CyberNX deployed its vast expertise in cybersecurity and incursion kill chain methodology to tackle the challenge head-on. The process included creating use cases tailored to the client's cybersecurity requirements, serving as the foundation for the broader SOC development program. Key program components included:

  • SOC Governance: Collaborative efforts with risk management to establish robust SOC governance with Uniview.
  • Investigation & Triage: Instead of sending all alerts to the customers team, CyberNX SOC team will investigate each alert for any potential threat and reduce false positives saving valuable time for the customers team.
  • Threat Intelligence: The integrated threat intelligence feeds help prioritize and discover new threats.

The implementation of CyberNX's new SOC capabilities allowed the client to experience swift enhancements in their cyber protection posture. Built on a methodology honed through years of running its Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) service, this capability equips them to defend against sophisticated and nation-state cyber threats effectively. Furthermore, the client now possesses the agility to evolve their long-term protection strategies, effectively countering emerging cyber threats.


CyberNX's partnership with the client has resulted in fortified cybersecurity defenses, regulatory compliance, and the ability to proactively address evolving cyber threats.

Customer Speaks:

"They serve as an extension of our complete cyber team and are our trustworthy advisors. They have surpassed every promise placed on them."

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